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Social Networking - My Tweet Cloud

I use Twitter to announce my daily blogs. I follow several first rate sellers and many eCommerce experts. Twitter is an information mine for me, and I reTweet articles I have read which I hope will be of interest to my followers.

Internationally known broadcaster Stephen Fry (whom I follow) mentioned Tweet Cloud as being a neat application, and it is.

What is Tweet Cloud?

To quote @magisterrex who summed it up neatly, “It gives a visual representation of the most common words/phrases being used.”

Here is my TweetCloud for the last year on Twitter.

I found it interesting, and am very pleased the word “happy” is right in there.
What do you think?

Y’all come back!

Saturday Silliness - Blast from the Past

One day a week we forget our troubles and cares to enjoy a little Saturday Silliness - this week two Dorothy Dandridge clips one with Big Band Music.

Dorothy Dandridge was the first African American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. The first clip is from 1942 when she was just 20 years old.


If there is no video please refresh the page!

Y’all come back!

Happy Thanksgiving


Google On The Move

Big news for Australian sellers!

Google Australia recently applied to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and was granted a financial services license to provide deposit and payments services to local merchants and shoppers.

Australian buyers have been able to pay overseas merchants through Google Checkout for some time.

We’re not saying

As usual Google Australia is non-committal as to when they will be ready to roll out the service. Spokesman Rob Shilkin confirmed that the company was working on options to roll out an internet payments platform in Australia. “It’s a matter of doing the due diligence and the homework so that if we’re in a position to launch we can do it,” he said. “But no decision has been taken.”

Other news from Google down under

Google announced a new dashboard in the Local Business Center in Australia and New Zealand to help business owners understand how people are searching for their online business listings. The dashboard will show which search queries led users to the business and how many times users clicked through to the business’ website.

Google spokesman William Easton said

“This Christmas consumers are researching their purchases online more than ever before – whether it’s Christmas presents, travel plans, local restaurants or home furnishings. There’s a significant opportunity for Australian businesses both small and large to tap into search marketing to further drive Christmas sales. There’s still time in ‘09 to be found online.”

“The most important thing is that retailers need to be conscious about ensuring they show all the information they would in a normal store. They need to have information about what products they sell, the places they sell them and their availability.”

Easton told retailers the more information a business has available on a website, “the more informed the customer is…and therefore the more likely they are to buy”.
To help new customers Google is offering vouchers for a $100 AdWords search marketing campaign.

Y’all come back!