Auctiva vs Inkfrog vs Vendio eBay Seller Tools

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A brief comparison of each sales management platform for eBay sellers, in alphabetical order.

Auctiva Overview

Auctiva, has been free for years. The new paid subscription plan is more complex than eBay’s fee schedule. What is management thinking? I had to make six spreadsheets just to figure out comparable costs between plans. The spreadsheets assume a collectible item is listed at $9.99 and if sold, is sold for $9.99. You can see them here.

Auctiva has a deal for you on insurance, for a package valued at $50 or less USPS will charge you $1.75, Auctiva charges $1.50 that saves you 25c

Note: - endicia offers the same insurance for $1 and it would be reasonable to assume they make a little something on the deal even at that price.

Auctiva’s plans only include 1MB of image storage. That translates to 20, 50KB images. PhotoBucket’s free accounts include 1GB which would be about 20,500 50KB images.

Opinion: Not a Best buy

I am unable to understand what benefits there are to a seller on the free account over the eBay Sell Your Item form beyond visit counters and the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery.  Maybe I am missing something? I can have one picture hosted free by eBay up to 4MB in size and incur no additional selling fees.

On the subject of selling fees, exactly what is Auctiva doing for me to justify charging listing fees and transaction fees while using a paid subscription service? This is no different from paying for a hotel room and being charged extra every time I use it.

InkFrog Overview

Lister, scheduler, manager with secure checkout, inventory management, showcase, counters, bulk editor, photo editing, automated re-listing, emails, all for a flat rate of $9.95 a month, rates guaranteed not to increase for three years. inkFrog is eBay only.

Add to this automated Auctiva listing and image import, discounted insurance at 55c for that valued less than $50 package (saving $1.20 over the post office cost) and 1GB of image hosting included in the monthly fee, no listing or transaction fees.


This one would appear to be a no brainer for the seller who is happy on eBay and has no desire to diversify although Clifford tells me there are ways to export to other venues from inkFrog (minus templates which are copyright). Here is a good article by Clifford Aliperti on InkFrog 2.0 and that is his affiliate link above.

Vendio Overview

I have written about Vendio in depth twice before, early in March when they launched their free Web Store program in Beta and an update a week later. Vendio has an a la carte platform approach as opposed to the table d’hôte inkFrog program. Sticking to comparing apples to apples Vendio has been providing seller management tools to small and midsize eBay sellers since 1999.

Today Vendio launched a bailout plan for Auctiva sellers. Any Auctiva user signing up by July 1st 2009 will get free use of their platform through 2009 and the guaranteed rate of $10 per month with no transaction or listing fees through 2010.

With Vendio you get your own webstore, free, from which you can schedule listings to eBay, 2GB picture hosting (use more and it will cost you 2c per MB) free templates, order management with integrated tax and shipping calculators, live inventory management across all platforms, scheduling, a slick gallery, counter and an automated email system they call Buyer Appreciation.


This one is a no brainer too, even if you are happy on eBay and have no desire to diversify you will get six months free and you may find your webstore more than repays the $10 a month it will cost you to list on eBay next year. This is an ideal time to settle in to a new platform and be ready for the holiday season.

Y’all come back!


Full disclosure: I am an ex-eBay seller currently selling on my own website and I have no business relationship with any of these management platforms, or eBay nor will I receive anything if you sign up with any of them (the inkFrog affiliate link belongs to a friend).


  1. Hi Henrietta,

    Thanks for the mention and the link! I’ll put a little more detail on the export I did here for you, but it involved more than Inkfrog, it also involved Inkfrog’s separate stand-alone storefront solution, ButItSellIt (BISI) -

    Besides launching items to eBay from Inkfrog you can also import eBay items to Inkfrog (and I believe you can now edit items live on the eBay site too, but I’ve yet to try that one yet).

    Inkfrog also includes an Export button to BISI. Once items are imported to BISI from Inkfrog the Inkfrog templates are stripped out.

    Now from inside BISI there’s also an export button to export by category. I exported from there, opened the file up in Excel and then cut & paste the appropriate columns from the BISI export column to the proper fields on Bonanzle’s import file.

    It took me a few tries to get right (though I have the final notes here somewhere!), and it sounds like several steps, but once I got in the groove it was pretty easy and kind of quick.

    Obviously I’d love to see Inkfrog more fully integrated with BISI in the future and I’m crossing my fingers that that happens, but I’d be clueless as to whether that’s going to happen or not.

    The main reason I never went back after switching my eBay listing tool from Turbo Lister to Inkfrog though was the ability to schedule and space the launch times for my listings. Inkfrog paid for itself very quickly each month through this feature. I also like the ability to include my own photo URLs in their templates in case I ever decide to switch services.

    Right now I don’t see that happening though.

    Thanks, Cliff

  2. You know, I also spent way too much time running numbers the other day. For all the little things I need a listing tool to do, I still think its cheaper for me to pay eBay their little extra where they ask for it than to commit to a monthly fee service.

    So either eBay is going to end up making more money off this if more people think like me or they are going to realize they are the best deal in town and raise their prices to spite me.

    I hope it’s the first one. :-(

  3. Henrietta,

    Thanks again for a well-written article. I’ve referred several potential Vendio customers looking for an unbiased side-by-side to your blog.

    We’ve always prided ourselves on providing an excellent eCommerce solution for eBay only and multi-channel sellers.

    I just wanted to point out that our offer includes Amazon as well. This would be a great time to try it out! Free of 2009 and just ten bucks next year for eBay AND Amazon

    Best, Helen

  4. The Auctiva mess is entirely due to their delusional new fees. FVF and listing fees for the current Auctiva product are a fantasy. Auctiva is not a robust multi-channel tool. It is a basic suite of eBay tools and photo hosting. When your competitors are offering a service for $8-$10 a month you are not going to get customers to pay $50-$250 for it.

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  8. I enjoyed this article. I was a long time user of inkfrog until today. In fact I think I started with them in the first year it was available. I get many error messages and the support is next to none. No live help of any kind. You wait in line for email replies that don’t answer more then one question each time. Once they answer one question a 2nd question does not get answered no matter how many times you contact them. I wish I could say the service was better with inkfrog 2.0 but the customer service is terrible now.
    Just my 2 cents

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