Well Knock Me Down with a Feather

Today on eBay Ink Blog:

“eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe and eBay Marketplaces President Lorrie Norrington announced several organizational changes this morning. Here is an overview:
First, John announced that Stephanie Tilenius, head of global product and North America for eBay, has decided to transition out of her current role. She’ll become an advisor to John for the next few months and plans to leave the company in early 2010, following nine years with eBay. Having been in her current role for two years, Stephanie says she felt that with eBay’s turnaround under way, now was the right time for her to pursue other career ambitions, including opportunities to lead a company as CEO. Stephanie says she’s proud of the progress the eBay team has made, and she believes eBay’s best days are still ahead.”

In Red Ink Diary August 7th 2009 in a post titled “Through the Back Door” I said:

“An article titled Transforming eBay published February 2009 in Internet Retailer quotes Stephanie Tilenius; presently Senior Vice President & General Manager, eBay North America; on the subject of Diamond Sellers. She said diamond merchants pay no listing fees, and the final value of fees paid to eBay after a sale are negotiated.

This is confirmation of what the great unwashed, the proletariat, the fee paying sellers have always asserted but been unable to prove.

Why do I say presently SVP & General Manager? Ms Tilenius famed for “You ain’t seen nothing yet” is far too gabby on a regular basis with information eBay would prefer to keep quiet. eBay sees no profit in warning the inmates by rattling their cages. Look for a promotion or offer too good to refuse in the not too far distant future.

Looks like the old crystal ball is still working dunnit? You read it here last month.

Thank you to to my super secret pal for pointing me in the right direction.

Y’all come back!


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  1. She’s being “”transferred”" to Skype perhaps?


    “You’re fired!”
    Donald Trump

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