Auction Site Boocoo Revisited

I reviewed while it was in pre-beta.  The site launched June 21st, and is, so far as I can tell, still in beta. Management said no fees will be charged for the first two weeks but as of today fees are still not being charged.

How it works

A percentage of all fees is shared with Boocoo’s media partners. The partners, licensed by zip code, will promote the site and receive transaction fees on completed sales. If the buyer and seller are from different zip codes, the fee is split. All partners have committed to monthly print or broadcast ad campaigns.

My initial thought, this is akin to a mixed metaphor. How many classified newspaper in hand readers would be comfortable making online transactions? Then I realized that most newspapers have websites where you can access their classifieds. An example is shown below.

Chairman and CEO George Willard Sr. responded to my questions and had some of his own. I was impressed by his straightforward manner and his accessibility.


Other than the new front page and ability to sign in, not much has changed. I received 27 views on 13 listings over about a week.

An auction purchase I paid for June 19th is still showing unpaid on my account page. Neither the seller nor I can figure out how to mark it paid.

Feedback left for me on June 15th by two sellers did not show a week later nor did the feedback I left for the seller whose item has arrived. Click image to enlarge.

I emailed support about feedback and received a reply within 24 hours. My question, “What happened to the feedback left for me by two sellers?”, was answered by a real person who included their name and a toll free number in their reply. The answer just about gobsmacked me.

Thank you for contacting the boocoo (sic) auctions help desk. 14 days after the auction the buyer or seller can not see the feedback. The purpose of this is to ensure that the seller leaves feedback and vice versa.

As a buyer this does not make me feel secure, a crook has a two week window of scamming opportunity before his bad feedback shows up. Hopefully Boocoo will rethink this.

The site has a few design flaws. Here is an example:

How many would click the purple search tab at the top when there is a search box immediately below? I didn’t, until today. Much to my surprise it leads to a page where you can browse by category, much more satisfactory than repetitive searches for specific items that do not yet exist on the site. This is a serious issue because frustrated potential buyers are not likely to persist.

If you are a small seller and an auction addict, give the site a try while there are no fees being charged. I found the listing process very fast and smooth and I know for a fact there have been some sales.
Here is a link to It will open in a new window.

Y’all come back!


  1. Tried going to, just get redirected to the google front page? Nothing comes up in search listings when you do a search for boocoo, either. Have they closed?

  2. I have about a dozen small paintings on boocoo. I just keep on relisting them - more views then on Ebay for sure, but no buyers. Its a pretty nice site…hope it becomes well known.

  3. Hello Henrietta!

    As usual you are on top of things with a smart, objective dialog.

    Your willingness to give valuable feedback on a new site, and the time you take can only be a huge benefit to the developers.

    Thanks for the review!


  4. @ Paige
    That is very strange Paige, it is a real corporation, not run out of someone’s spare bedroom, and it is still there. Maybe you misspelled? I do that sometimes. I have put a link update to the Boocoo Auctions site on the blog post and
    here is a link to a google search for the single word boocoo.

  5. Hi Henrietta - I have about a dozen paintings from cheap to expensive listed on Boocoo ever since they allowed listings. Nothing selling - not many views. Not many sales in artwork that I can see. I’m hoping they become more popular and get some traffic going.

  6. Ooop excuse old granny for making basically the same post twice.

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