Internet Connectivity Issues

I apologize for the lack of updates to Red Ink Diary recently, we are having internet connectivity issues. You can read the official excuses here. Although the article claims service has been restored, internet is intermittent and agonizingly slow.

I am going to experiment with writing on a word processor and pasting to the blog, we will see how it goes.

Y’all come back!


  1. Fiber cable is more efficient than anything else developed so far but your circumstances illustrate how fragile any one or group of nodes are to physical disruption. Any number of things could be the culprit.

    Of course your limited services are now being pushed through an alternate cable and probably at a lower priority than that cables primary customers. Bandwidth requirements are mostly likely nearing physical limits.

    To date myself, I can remember the days when you had to book an overseas phone call; and it might be hours before you got a connection.

    Patience my friend!!!

  2. Hi Good article on Bonanzle. Seattle Times business section. Monday Augest 2,2010.

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