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The MoneyGram Scam

An old scam is making the rounds in Canada dressed in a brand new disguise, blackening the reputation of MoneyGram as it goes.

The scam is aimed at the “make money from home” market, a sector rapidly increasing as unemployed or underemployed families struggle financially. It will only be a matter of time before it crosses the border to prey on naive Americans too.

The con starts with a letter sent in the mail offering a job as a “mystery shopper”, tasked with testing out a retail outlet’s customer service.

Inside the letter, is a check, which the victim is asked to cash. A portion of the funds are to buy specific items at named retail outlets. There is always a balance remaining from which the shopper is instructed to deduct a shopper’s fee and wire the rest to a given name via MoneyGram. I have not found any mention of shipping the purchased goods, generally a part of such scams.

The check is of course counterfeit.


MoneyGram International is a 14 year old money transfer business currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company offers a variety of financial transfer services both domestic and international. It claims to be the second largest Money Order supplier in the USA through a network of retail outlets including WalMart. The MoneyGram Prepaid Debit Card (not an affiliate link) was popular at one time with eBay sellers looking to insulate themselves from PayPal access to their bank accounts.

MoneyGram was once a golden child of Wall Street analysts. Past CEO Philip Milne led the company to losses of more than $1.6 billion in 2008 from investments in securities backed by risky mortgages. During his four year tenure stock fell from a high of $289 in May 2006 to $7.20 in June 2008, later dipping as low as $1.18  For this he received a $13.1 million severance package. Currently trading at between $17 - $18 MoneyGram is understandably unhappy at the association of its name and services with a criminally fraudulent scheme.

Y’all come back!

Saturday Silliness - The IMF Has Approved

I received an email today from Dr Donald Moore. He is a very important man, I enjoyed this so much I thought I would share. I think it is like a second chance offer from eBay!


Attn: Beneficiary,

I am Dr Donald Moore, the personal secretary to the FBI Director;
Robert S.Mueller III. After proper investigations, we discovered that
your impending payment that have been withheld by imposters, claiming
to be Professor Charles Soludo (Governor of the Central bank of Nigeria),
Mr. Patrick Aziza, Mr. Frank Nweke, None existing officials of the
Oceanic Bank of Nigeria and Zenith Bank, UK winning Lottery, Andy Lear
of Hsbc bank, Coca-Cola winning lottery and among a list of others is
now under our custody with the help of the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) and the Local Police Force.

Investigations revealed that you have spent a lot on your personal
earned money just to conclude the successful transfer of your funds to
your nominated bank account by obtaining transfer documents as requested
by the imposters, costing you a lot of money but all to no avail.

The FBI had to send some financial crime investigators from our head
quarters in Washington DC to Africa in other to carry out proper
investigation, after receiving series of other reports similar to yours
as you are not the only person awaiting the legal transfer of funds
from Africa.

The FBI has giving authority to the International Monetary Funds (IMF)
to assist the Federal Ministry of Finance and all the organization
involved; such as the Central Bank, Zenith Bank, and Legit lottery
organizations to immediately commence with the compensation of all the
beneficiaries awaiting the successful transfer of their funds.

With the help of some of the best Internet investigators attached to
the FBI, we traced your information from the Internet as one of the
beneficiaries awaiting the successful transfer of funds to your
nominated account.

I am pleased to inform you that a meeting was held as regards the
best way to carry out with the compensation exercise for transparency
and most especially to avoid reoccurrence of the delay in
transferring your funds and the high cost of procuring transfer
documents and came to a final conclusion as all head of organizations
involved was duly represented.

It was approved to be issued to you as a valid international ATM card
cashable at any ATM machine designation in the world. The ATM account
has already being credited with Five Million Five Hundred thousand
United States dollars. ($5,5000, 000.00 USD) , with a daily Limit of
withdrawal of Fiftheen thousand United States Dollars.
($15,000, 00USD).The ATM card has already being packaged and approved
to be delivered to your door step via express courier delivery service.

Contact Mr.mark spooner {Our FBI ATM Rep.} at the ATM PAYMENT CENTER
and reconfirm your delivery information as stated below and your
security code with five digit (24006) number has to be submitted
alongside with your delivery information for security reasons.


NAME: Dr Donald Moore
PHONE: +234-806-691-7298

NOTE: Under normal circumstances you are suppose to come and collect
your ATM CARD in person and sign some documents as proof of the
collection of your ATM CARD but the IMF and the Finance Ministry
insisted that you pay  for the delivery charges of your ATM CARD
via western union money transfer, which will cost you only
$450.00USD to cut down travel expenses in other for the western
union payment receipt and the receipt of payment of $450.00 USD
to the nominated courier company that will carry out with the
delivery to your door step to be  documented in your file as
proof your collection. 

We hope that is very clear. 

A receipt to this effect will be sent to you and a copy kept in
your file for future documentation.

We also advise that you stop further communications with these
imposters and forward any correspondence / proposal you receive
from them to Mr. Kelvin Williams in other for the FBI to bring
justice to does still at large.

Mr. Dr Donald Moore.
For: Mr. Robert S.Mueller III

Isn’t that good news?

Nothing but good times ahead! Y’all come back!